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Right to religious freedom

Thursday 18 November at 6pm

images/stories/LCCollegeCovered.jpg Screening of Covered

On 12 May 2010 a ‘moveable feast’ was staged at the University of East London’s Matrix Studio. Gathered on set was an extraordinary group of women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnic origins, political opinions and feminist and womanist orientations. Over some three hours, with women coming and going according to their commitments to study and paidwork, these dinner party guests engaged in a broadranging and insightful debate centred around the scarf and the veil.

The discussion enabled all views to be heard – from women with opinions based in an understanding of the complexities of women’s position in a world where politics and business are most often peopled by fewer women than men, and which recognised the importance of women’s voices.

images/stories/JASGSN.jpg The discussion was filmed and from this the video installation Covered was directed by the Hon. Dr Jocelynne Scutt, currently a Visiting Fellow at Lucy Cavendish College.  Further information on the project can be found here.

images/stories/AnatScolnicov.jpg Dr Anat Scolnicov, College Lecturer in Law and Deputy Director, Deputy Director of the Centre for Public Law, has recently published her new book The Right to Religious Freedom in International Law. The book analyses the right to religious freedom in both Western and non-Western jurisdictions. In it she argues that the interpretattion and application of religious freedom must be understood as a conflict between individual and group claims of rights, and argues for an individualistic interpretation of this right.

Covered will be screened at 6pm in the Woodlegh Seminar Room, Strathaird, before the Law Formal Hall.  Dr Scolnicov and Dr Scutt will engage in discussion about this topic following the screening.

Everyone is welcome and there is no need to book.

Members of the College community who would like to stay on for the Law and Criminology Formal Hall following the talk can book through the website in the usual way at: formal hall booking