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France: French burqa ban being both unequal & biased breeds Religious Intolerance 430
France: Male republicanism which trumped facts re the face veil, spreads to vulnerable prostitutes 1033
European Court of Human Rights adopts religious phobia to approve France's burqa ban 1231
UK: Shun France’s burqa ban which both curbs liberty & subjects women to violent religious hatred 2086
UK: Ignore the Ukip bigotry and allow women to choose the attire compatible with their own beliefs 2353
UK: Wearing a veil in Britain, rather than mandatory, is a woman’s choice 2273
Global: Rather than to the burqa, female oppression due to political economies & VAW 2469
Tunisia: Women watch in horror as Western do-gooders & Islamic fundamentalists rejoice free election 2634
Australia: Ban the Burqa Rallies designed to fuel racism & intolerance in the name of security 2526
Confronting Anti-Muslim Hatred with Organized Resistance to Burqah Bans 2499
Leila Ahmed: A Quiet Revolution 3460
Marieme Helie Lucas: Secularism vs communalism: learning from the ban on full face covering veil 2502
Cassandra Balchin: Towards A Future Without Fundamentalisms 2469
India: Europe’s burqa intolerance perpetuates false stereotypes which devalue Muslim women 3621
Dr Huma Ahmed-Ghosh: Dilemmas of Islamic and Secular Feminists and Feminisms 3537
Ayesha Salma Kariapper: Walking a Tightrope: Women and Veiling in the United Kingdom 2563
Ban-the-burqa-boys miss the point about women’s freedom to dress according to their own standards 1557
Europe: "Political mass veil hysteria" masks more important challenges to women's dignity 1616
Canada: Should children wear the hijab? 1941
Australia: Ban-the-burqa boys, Nile, Bernardi, Sarkozy et al., hardly champions of women's rights 1789
Burqa ban is about our fears not their oppression 2619
Sisters should back off the burqa bashing 1694
The burqa should not be an issue 1994
Women Body and Soul: The right to self-authenticity under the European Convention of Human Rights 1456
The burqah ban debate: What’s really at stake 1500
Blinded by the burqa 1482
Burqa & prejudice 1453
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