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Veiled Revolutionaries 2012-2014
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Turkey: Women resist token govt reforms which have long disallowed Kurds their mother tongue 2846
India: Growing male alcoholism stirs Haryana women to defy marital violence, even discarding veils 2552
Syria: Heroic creativity & resilience of women in building peace escape political & media eyes 2655
India: The turban both a symbol of identity & a ‘visual shield’ for women 4505
Turkey: Female MPs don headscarves to mark the end of ban imposed in early days of the Republic 3205
India: Courageous 'Daughter of the Sea' undaunted by threats from Kerala’s all-powerful sand mafia 2710
UK: Sahar Al Faifi answers the imperative for the voices of the face-veiled Muslim women to be heard 3413
Iran: Shirin Gerami, wearing full Islamic attire, creates history in London triathlon grand final 3888
Sweden: Thousands of women don the veil after assault on hijab-attired pregnant woman 4047
Palestine: Women’s Group in Nablus takes culturally sensitive approaches in quest for gender equity 3111
Egypt: Words of Women project documents women’s leading role in country’s January 25 Revolution 3525
Kyrgyzstan: Women see new popularity of Hijab as about responsibility before Allah, faith & choice 3590
Pakistan: Women rally against Govt apathy towards Hazara killings and insecurity 3140
UK: New Muslim Suffragettes face death threats & fatwas for giving refuge to tortured sisters 3601
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