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Egypt: Faculty women to sue Cairo University for banning full-face veil for teachers 889
Netherlands: After 3 years & 2 coalition governments, parliament finally set for burqa bans 854
Russia: Muslim women in Moscow creating a more positive image of Islam via fashion 866
US: SC rules in favour of Samantha Elauf denied a job by Abercrombie & Fitch over headscarf 1292
India: Kerala High Court permits Muslim girls to wear hijab for medical entrance test 862
China: Mounting dress code repression from Xinjiang claims Uighur women as its first victims 2188
Tajikistan: Education ministry equates Muslim headscarf with militant security threats 2071
Canada: Report finds that women’s reasons for wearing the nijab are highly personal & individual 2378
UK: Judge warns jury against prejudice after granting Muslim women her face veil entitlement 2380
Global: A woman is more than her clothes, but her Islamic dress is about choice & fashion 4836
Sudan: Woman’s headscarf prosecution typifies Govts regulating wearing of religious symbols/attire 2611
UK: Of 5,000 converting to Islam annually, most are women seeking an increased spiritual fulfillment 3310
Canada: Quebec Charter widely seen as divisive rather than creating religious harmony 2726
US: Lady Gaga’s burqa antics probably inappropriate, but perhaps amusing for Muslim women 2533
Australia: The first AFL umpire to wear a hijab, schoolgirl makes history before thousands of fans 2814
France: Heavy-handed police enforcement of veil ban stirs Paris riots 2534
France: Veiled pregnant women assaulted by skinheads causing one to miscarry 2397
Sudan: Exhibition of colourful clothing and trendy fashion sense of women in Darfur 2714
India: Former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s visit sees scarf-wearing students banished to rear 3401
Face veils no risk to State foundations, while other ostensible excuses for bans almost laughable 3678
France: Muslim woman defends right to wear burqa at European Court of Human Rights 2742
An analysis of female Islamic leadership in globally diverse Muslim communities 2883
Europe: Amnesty Report condemns burqa bans for denying Muslim women jobs and education 3308
India: Compliance with college uniform does not imply a burqa ban at Mangalore Colleges 3132
France: President Hollande to retain burqa ban. Vows instead to ‘have it applied in the best way' 2703
Turkmenistan: Bride price raises value of daughters, but wedding veil keeps brides faceless 3190
France: Niqab ban subjects Muslim women to private imprisonment & increased public violence 3103
Turkey: Alâ Magazine becomes the warmly welcomed avant-garde of "Tesettür," or "veiled" fashion 3567
Canada: Ban on women’s veils when taking citizenship oath ham-handed, absurd & unnecessary 3151
Arab Spring: Feminists live in fear of rollback of rights granted under past dictatorships 3449
Yemen: Women torch their makrama to globally expose tyrant Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 'bloody massacres' 3827
Norway: Yemen's veiled mother of the revolution acclaimed as joint 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate 3247
France: Businessman sets up fund to pay fines for women choosing to wear banned Islamic veils 3043
Australia: Ban-the-Burqa-Liberal, Bernardi, also in league with Dutch anti-Islamic Geert Wilders 2987
Australia: US allegations of "veiled" women being recruited by al-Qaeda disputed as fabricated news 2229
Australia: Women accept Sharia Law where application "fair" to all parties 3056
France: Sarkozy’s burqa ban a windfall for London at the expense of Paris retailers 3001
Jordan: Iranian women’s soccer team unfairly & cruelly banned from playing Olympic qualifier 3213
France: Under Sarkozy’s (Xenophobic) Veil 3638
France: Excessive burqa law risks turning 'wearing the veil' into a national 'anti-Sarkozy symbol' 3302
Belgium: "Take Two" of efforts to punish women for even partial covering of face in public 3045
As in German, Thilo Sarrazin also comes across as a white supremicist/racist in English 4587
Israel: Protests mount as the Taliban Haredi, ultra-religious women, adopt the burqa for "modesty" 3124
Iraq: Since US-led invasion, women’s attire marks rise of religion in a once seculular society 3569
Germany: Frankfurt case set to reignite national debate on permitted public attire for Muslim women 3184
Iran: Some universities placed on notice to enforce stricter Islamic dress code 3379
India: After initial furore, Jesuit priest let off the hook for inadvertent unveiling of Muslim girl 2530
Australia: With or without the scarf or veil new converts to Islam welcomed but still face barriers 2713
Azerbaijan: Hijab ban in state schools raises questions re Constitution & Education Law 2219
Afghanistan: Kabul TV program “The Niqab” masks women’s identity allowing marital abuse testimony 3090
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