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Burqah Sentiments from [overwhelmingly male] Politicians
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Australia: Qld Independent MP Peter Wellington's Identification Laws amendment bill dumped 2078
Former justice secretary Ken Clarke [most unhelpfully] sledges court witness veils as “bags” 2593
UK: Despite PM Cameron’s approval, Birmingham College forced to retract veil ban 3395
Australia: Anti-migrant Liberal Ray King conjures link between burqa tradition & criminality 2595
France: Hollande seeks political points via a broadening of headscarf restrictions 2499
Iran: Govt stations morality police in Tehran to arrest women for dress & cosmetic transgressions 3369
Canada: Citizenship & Immigration Minister Kenney bans women’s veils when taking citizenship oath 2845
The Netherlands: Ban on Islamic face veils reflect influence of Freedom Party bigot Geert Wilders 2968
France: Interior Minister hails prejudice extending bans to outdoor Muslim prayers 3239
France: In bid for racist vote, Le Petit Sarkozy outlaws face veils for residents & tourists 3086
Australia: Hillary Clinton ventures outside the US to align with the ban-the-burqa-boys 2212
Australia: Senator Bernardi still on his anti-Islamic horse: Burka now a threat to parliament 2125
France: Le Petit Sarkozy's puppet Jacques Myard says Britain must ban burqa to beat terrorism 2401
UK: Conservative MP Philip Hollobone's disproportionate and intolerant bid to ban the burka 2388
Dutch far-right party wins pledge on burqa ban 2118
Australia: Liberal Party Senator Cory Bernardi’s sinister plot to ban the burqa 2402
Sarkozy stirs French burka debate 2098
Australians find burqa confronting, Tony Abbott says 2243
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